We offer classes both in person and on-line.
You can sign up here:  CLASS SCHEDULE AND BOOKING 

Sign up in advance so you can register to attend in person or a link can be emailed to you to join the class if you sign up on-line.  Note that most of the same classes will be offered both "On-Line" and in-person.
Please follow us or visit us on Facebook ( for regular updates (don't worry, you don't have to join Facebook to look!) or Twitter or Instagram @loftbsl (where we also post our updates). 
We'll open the Zoom class window ~10 minutes ahead of class time in the event you're having issues or questions, or just want to chat! This enables us to keep our Sangha, our Community, going. 
If you have any problems utilizing Zoom, please text 954-288-2165.
Thank you for being a part of our Loft Yoga community!
Our in-person studio classes at Loft Yoga and on-line class costs are as follows: 

Single Class Drop In - $15
5 class pack - $65
10 class pack - $125
20 class pack - $240

We also offer community classes each week, tailored for all levels or beginners, as well as children. Please check the schedule. You're welcome to donate when you attend.

Class Schedule, Purchase a Pass, and Booking


Please follow us or visit us on Facebook ( for regular updates (don't worry, you don't have to join Facebook to look!) or Twitter or Instagram @loftbsl (where we also post our updates).

Many of our classes are recorded and posted on YouTube at Alyssa's Channel or Tonya's Channel.