Our Classes

Our classes are designed as moving meditations to provide students with guidance on strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, breathing, and awareness throughout their yoga journey. Classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated.  


A foundational beginner class that focuses on increasing flexibility and learning foundational yoga poses. This class is for the beginner who may have little to no knowledge of yoga, or for the seasoned practitioner that wants to relax and focus on increasing flexibility. This class is friendly and accessible to multiple ages (from 10 years old to 80 years old). 


This is a gentle and restorative class for all levels. The practice begins with guided breathwork and body awareness, then moves through deep stretching, slow and focused asana (yoga poses) and a guided Savasana. No props necessary, but a yoga blanket (or beach towel) is helpful.  


An alignment based vinyasa flow for students at multiple levels in their yoga practice. Flow yoga links breath to movement typically includes sun salutations. The fluid movements increase flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms the mind and improves overall health. 


A 30 minute version of our All Levels Vinyasa/Multi-Flow and tailored to help you gently get moving at 6:00am.

Stability/Balance/Strength/Detox Flow

This yoga class will increase the stabilizer muscles in the body, support posture improvement with the goal of  creating a lighter more balanced yoga practice overall. It will focus on connecting the breath to the parts of the body that we don't feel because they are overly tight. It will be a slow flow while focusing on alignment, support increasing balance and stability, as well as increasing movement of fluid through the lymph system to detox. As we age the body naturally pulls in, our joints come out of alignment, which increases stress and diminishes balance, the goal of this class is to fight all of that! Whether you are young or old, we can all use this class to improve our bodies and lives. All levels welcome.


A fitness-based approach to vinyasa yoga, this class takes the All Levels Vinyasa/Multi-Flow to the next level. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow in order to build strength, flexibility and concentration. Expect several sun salutations, and some arm balances and inversions may be included in the flow. We recommend that students seeking to take these classes feel confident and safe throughout classic sun salutations and comfortable moving actively in the heat.


This 75-minute class takes the Power Vinyasa Flow class to the next level, while also being a traditional vinyasa class with sun salutations. Optional advanced postures (such as arm balances and inversions) are added to the vinyasa flow of breath and movement. The instructor will break down the flow and provide guidance to integrating the more challenging postures. You do not need to be advanced to try this class, but you should have a regular practice (recommended practice twice/week for at least two months). Don’t be afraid, this class is very friendly for the moderate practitioner that's interested in taking their practice to the next level.


This 75-minute class is the half or full version (depending on time or attendees) of the Ashtanga Primary Series founded by K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga is a rigorous advanced practice with the same sequence of postures. Vinyasa Yoga is based on Ashtanga. This class is led by Alyssa who has been practicing Ashtanga for approximately 2 ½ years. 


This is a 30-minute class for ages toddlers to five years old (but all ages are welcome and will likely enjoy). There will be Yoga Postures (Asanas) and Breath-work (Pranayama) with Dance and Fun!Miss Jackie has years of experience teaching and all children love taking her class. Many parents join in as well!

NOTE: At Loft Yoga we try very hard to teach what we advertise in our class descriptions, while recognizing that different teachers will bring their own authentic style to each class. If you come to a class and believe that the class description does not match the class level and style you experienced, we welcome your input and feedback. You can call or text to: 954-288-2165 or email us at: loftyogabsl@gmail.com. Thank you!


Because of current CDC guidance around Social Distancing (~6 feet) we have switched to on-line classes and we are taking it "week by week". We are using Zoom (https://zoom.us/) which is an easy platform for "virtual classes" accessible from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our on-line classes are offered for free, but we are taking donations via Venmo @LoftYogaBSL and PayPal to 954-288-2165. You can get more information and sign up here: 

On-line Class Schedule and Booking

Please sign up in advance so we have an idea of how many students will be joining us, but you will not be charged nor a pass deducted from your class pass. We'll also be recording and posting many classes on-line so you can continue to practice at home. Please follow us or visit us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/loftbsl/) for regular updates (don't worry, you don't have to join Facebook to look!) or Twitter or Instagram @loftbsl (where we also post our updates). 
We'll open the Zoom class window ~30 minutes ahead of class time in the event your having issues or questions, or just want to chat! This enables us to keep our Sangha, our Community, going. 
If you have any problems utilizing Zoom, please text 954-288-2165.
Thank you for being a part of our Loft Yoga community!
Our on-line classes free but we are taking donations via Venmo @LoftYogaBSL  and PayPal to 954-288-2165. This enables us to compensate our teachers and maintain our website.
When we're back in our "Brick and Mortar" Studio, the prices will be as follows: 

Single Class Drop In - $15
5 class pack - $65
10 class pack - $125
20 class pack - $240

Many of our classes are recorded and posted on YouTube at Alyssa's Channel or Tonya's Channel.