It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks about me

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“At its most practical level yoga is a process of becoming more aware of who we are. Yoga techniques facilitate balance and health, and unfold our dormant potential. Yoga allows us to be more aware of ourselves and feel connected. As such, yoga is a process of self-discovery. This leads us to self-mastery and self-realization.”

It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks about me

A friend of mine used to say that to me and I would think "ouch, that sounds harsh". However, I have taken this quote to heart through my process of self-discovery and self-realization in Yoga.

In the past, I was overly concerned about what people thought about me. I would regularly ask myself questions such as: Did I do or say something that upset someone? What if they don’t like me anymore? What if they talk about me behind my back? However, I learned it’s important to ask myself daily: Am I acting with honesty and integrity? Did I make the best decision based on the knowledge I have?  Am I being kind in both words and deeds? If I can honestly answer “yes”, then I really shouldn’t be concerned about what anyone else says or thinks about me. 

Every day, I am going to make decisions that others are not going to like. Maybe someone asked me to go to dinner, but I had a 12-hour workday and am so tired that I declined because I need to take care of myself—because “no” is actually what is best for me today. Maybe someone was gossiping and instead of engaging, I walked away. If decisions like that upset another person, it's actually on them, not on me. The truth is, how others behave—in words and deeds—is a reflection of them, not of me.

I am an imperfect person and I make mistakes. When I do, I need to apologize, make amends, and work to do better. My actions and words are the external reflection of who I am as a person. Most of the time, I know deep down inside if I am doing the right thing day to day.

Through your own Yoga and process of self-discovery, when you are unsure or upset about someone else’s opinion, reach down and ask yourself: Did I do anything wrong? And if the answer is “no”, move on because it really doesn’t matter (it’s none of your business) what anyone else thinks about you. You are wonderfully loved and divinely made by God, perfect in His eyes, that is truly the only thing that matters. 

I love this quote by Gregg Eisenberg from Letting Go Is All We Have To Hold Onto: “I am not my body, I am not the sum of my accomplishments, I am not what other people think of me, and I find all of this very uplifting.”

Sincerely and with Love,

Alyssa, one of your Loft Yoga teachers

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